You’ll Have To Look Closely… But This Sneaky Family Is Hiding Something AWESOME In Their Backyard.

If you grew up having a pool (or knew someone with one), then most of your summer days were probably spend lounging beside that pool. Living in a neighborhood and having a place to swim is a huge responsibility in the summer. It attracts neighborhood children like honey does flies. One family decided to avoid potential lawsuits and wet children tracking water through their homes by doing something absolutely brilliant (and a little evil). Check out what this family of masterminds they did to their back yard:

And this is absolutely brilliant. The only thing better than an in-ground swimming pool is an in-ground, underground secret swimming pool.

Yes. This awesome pool is very real.

(H/T BuzzFeed) It’s nearly June. Half of the world should be prepared to feel insanely jealous of this awesome pool.

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