Woman’s First Visit To The Ocean Reminds Us To Never Take Nature For Granted.

Many of us often completely take mother nature’s beauty for granted. If we want to venture out into nature? We cram ourselves by the thousands onto touristy beaches for the sole reason of soaking up the sun to get tanned. Then, we complete ignoring that beautiful blue ocean in front of us and the amazing feeling of sand and sea between our toes.

You won’t take nature for granted after you watch this. This woman, who has never seen or heard the ocean before, experiences its beauty for the very first time.

(Source: The Blessing Basket Project)

In the video above, Sarah Walugembe, a director for an organization that fights against poverty in developing countries called the Blessing Basket Project, sees the ocean for the first time in her life. It all starts when another member of her organization tells her to blindfold herself, before leading her to a beach in Manakara, Madagascar, at sunrise. When Walugembe is told to take her blindfold, her reaction to seeing the beautiful Indian Ocean in front of her is purely magical, she even takes a step back just to soak it all in.

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