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Woman Is Left Shaking After The Cop She Called For Help Follows Her To A Gas Station And …

#1 “Today, I drove to Portland to pick up my sister…

The story begins when this girl drove to Portland to pick up her sister who was taking the train to Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Her train was delayed, so the girl waited at the beach for 15 minutes, only to find out that her sister’s train had caught fire and would not be arriving.


#2 “Again, I thought ok, that’s fine.

Since her sister was okay, she decided to go get some food, but then finds her wallet had been stolen from her car while she was at the beach.


#3 “I only had a quarter of a tank left…

Then she realizes she only has a quarter of a tank of gas which was not enough to get her back home to Bangor, which was a two hour drive from Old Orchard Beach. That’s when she called the police and met Police Officer, Sargent Gerard Hamilton

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#4 “He greeted me with kindness…

Police Officer, Sargent Gerard Hamilton was kind and offered to help find her wallet.


#5 “Then, the most amazing thing happened.

Police Officer, Sargent Gerard Hamilton followed her to a nearby gas station and filled her tank.
“He asked how much gas I had to get back, and I said only a quarter tank but I would make my way home somehow. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and followed me all the way to our local 7/11 and filled up my tank for me with his own money! He even pumped it!”


#6 “He told me he has been an officer for 27 years…

She was so thankful for his help and kindness, she just couldn’t believe it.


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