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Widow Discovers She’s Pregnant At Her Husband’s Funeral. Days Later, Doctors Tell Her THIS

Life works in mysterious ways and this woman’s story proves it.

#1 Love At First Sight

Courtney Hill fatefully met her husband, Brian, during a terrible snowstorm in 2011. It was love at first sight then they were married shortly after. A few years into their marriage, they welcomed their first daughter, Reagan, into the world.


#2 A Growing Family

In 2016, Courtney and Brian planned to keep their family growing and were trying for another baby.


#3 Tragedy Strikes

On February 2, 2016, tragedy struck. Courtney lost her best friend, partner, other half, and all the above. Brian lost his life in a trucking accident.


#4 A Miracle On The Day Of Brian’s Funeral

On the day of Brian’s funeral, Courtney felt sick, as many people who lose someone so important in their lives, tend to feel. But this wasn’t a feeling of sadness, it was something else. She took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant! She shared the news with her late husband by taking his hand and telling while he was in his casket. Although she lost her husband, she’s gaining a memory of him, through the birth of a new life.


#5 Pregnancy Surprise

Shortly after, Courtney found herself in the hospital with minor complications. Her body was reacting negative to the pregnancy. She was nervous about the possibility of losing the baby in a miscarriage. After they ran tests, doctors figured out the reason why her body was reacting the way it was. She was have triplets!


#6 Three More Smiles

Although it was shocking news for Courtney, after everything she had been through, she’s determined to make the most of the situation and cherish the lives that will be entering the world. Courtney told CBS News Chicago, “I’m excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him.” Good luck Courtney, the whole world is rooting for you!


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