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When Police Officers Repeatedly See This Cat They Never Expected What It Would Bring With It

#1 Paw Patrol

The security checkpoint at the entrance of Gang-seo police station in Pusan, South Korea might look like a regular one. But take a closer look… a cat is on duty at this guard spot! The cat was named “Molang” by the personnel, which translates to “Dunno”, since they had no idea about the origins of the cat.


#2 She Had Kittens

Molang was pregnant at the time she started hanging around the guard post, and now the guards had to take care of these 4 beautiful kittens!


#3 Official Mascots

Molang and her kittens have officially become the mascots of this police station, and they can be seen hanging around the guard post 24/7.


#4 Graveyard Shift

But the kittens are too young to have the same duties as their mom, who works the late shift just like any other human guard.


#5 Officer Molang

That’s why the officers decided to give her a uniform and a name badge. She seems to like wearing it as you can tell from this picture.


#6 They All Got Uniforms

And guess what, the rest of the family is joining her on this role. They all have uniforms now!


#7 Cat Family

Don’t they look adorable with them? To our knowledge, this is the first police cat family in South Korea.


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