What These Guys Did To A Billboard Is The Best Prank You’ll See Today.

Remember that time those two guys wore a GoPro and scaled the Shanghai Tower? With the video that basically gave you acrophobia (which is an extreme or irrational fear of heights)? Well, they survived, and they’re back for more building-scaling shenanigans. 

Vadim Makorov and Vitaliy Raskalov made names for themselves by climbing to enormous heights, without harnesses, and taking amazing videos and photos. Most recently, they climbed a skyscraper in the middle of Hong Kong, along with two friends, and not only that, but they also managed to make a little edit to the billboard at the top, creating a nice message for the people below. Check out the video they made. 

Some of our favorite highlights: 

On top of the billboard

Hacking into the billboard. Note the graffiti.

The team’s logo over Hong Kong

Rooftop selfies.

The billboard’s message to the people below.

If you want to see more climbing of large things, check out their website

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