We Found The Weirdest Ways To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday On Facebook

If you’re like us, you try to make the ‘happy birthday’ post on someone’s Facebook wall special for each one of your friends. But if you’re also like us and have many, many friends on Facebook (we’re very popular, you see), ultimately what happens is you look at that birthday list in the top right-hand corner and assess whether or not each friend is even worth spending precious energy to think of someone special to commemorate their birth. “Could I have done without Janine from high school being born?” you surprise yourself by wondering aloud. (Sorry Janine.)

Good news everyone! ViralNova has found some super duper weird things to post on the walls of acquaintances and loved ones alike to celebrate their birthday without having to actually think about them as a person with any kind of fondness.

First up is a series of videos from this spiritual music artist named ‘Nassiri’. Whether or not Nassiri is aware of how blessedly silly this video looks is unclear, but he has been kind enough to change the original lyrics of the chorus, “Happy Birthday, Jesus” including instead the individual names of pretty much everyone you know. The song’s got an infectious beat, a lot of awkward white people dancing and how many other people post a birthday greeting that involves a helicopter shot on a mountain?

Next are the videos from EpicHappyBirthday. As the name suggests, this is a birthday greeting of epic proportions, complete with singing dinosaurs, turtles with rocket legs, and surfboard-dudes who explode when they hit the water. You can find a personalized message for pretty much every name on their Youtube page. “Rock and roll and celebrate!”

Lastly, we have these videos from sketch group and stars of their own self-titled television series on IFC, The Birthday Boys. A Martian who goes by the name of ‘Woosh’ has come down to space to put a smile on your friend’s face. “You’re cooool!” he says with a double thumbs up. My favorite part is when he cleverly disguises when the Birthday Boys edit in your friend’s name by doing a slick spin-move dance so you can’t quite see his mouth. Again, they have personalized greetings for every name, and even one for just “Happy Birthday, You!” if you so desire.

Happy Birthday to all! Give this a share on Facebook if you’re tired of people giving you the same dead eyed “happy birthday!” ever single year. Only one exclamation point, Janine?? I thought we really jelled that semester.

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