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Watch Your Future From The Palm Of Your Own Hand. Spot On!

Watch Your Future From The Palm Of Your Own Hand. Spot On!

The things we do in our lives!

The kind of things we like or how we react to different situations has often been touted as what defines us, but it’s not the only way.

When you need to ‘get in touch’ with and understand your real self, you don’t need an external influence. You just need to look at yourself in a more critical way, like noticing what colors impress you or even your sleeping styles.

That’s just the beginning!

Open your palm. Look at it well. Do you see thoselines?

Now, check out the four lines that are more prominent on your palm. Those lines define you. They represent your strengths, weaknesses, experiences and even your future!

This is no empty talk. In fact, this art is as old as old can be. It was practiced in ancient nations like Babylonia, Persia, Israel and the whole of Asia!

Even the great men and women in our history books used this art to look into the future. They would charter planes and horse-carts to travel to distant palm-readers, and not without a reason.

Look at both your palms. If the lines are different on both palms, it means you have worked hard to change your basic nature. Now focus on your dominant hand or the one you write with.


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Focus on the more dominant hand and locate you heart, head, life, and fate line. Keep in mind that the horizontal lines need to be read from the thumb side across and verticals ones from the wrist up.


Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

Now focus on just your heart line.


Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

If the line…

  • Extends from the side of your hand and ends below the index finger: You’re content with your love life.
  • Extends from the side of your hand and ends below the middle finger: You’re selfish when it comes to love.
  • Extends from the side of your hand and ends in-between your middle and ring finger: You fall in love easily.
  • Is straight and short: You are not that interested in romance.
  • Is close to your fingers: You are a passionate and sometimes jealous person.
  • Goes all the way across: You bottle up your emotions.
  • Touches your life line: Your heart gets broken easily.
  • Curves up towards the index finger: You are outwardly affectionate.
  • Straight and parallel to your head line: You have a good handle on your emotions.
  • Is wavy: You have had many relationships and lovers but an absence of serious relationships
  • Has gaps: You have experienced heartbreak.
  • Has little short lines that cross over the heart line: You have a wandering eye and have a hard time staying faithful.

Take a gander at the horizontal line just under the heart line, this is your head line.


Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

If the line…

  • Is short: You prefer physical achievements over mental ones.
  • Is straight and extends across the hand: You’re a very logical, no-nonsense thinker.
  • Is wavy or zigzagged: You have a short attention span and your mind tends to wander.
  • Curves downwards, towards the wrist: You are creative and trusting.
  • Is separated from your life line: You crave adventure and are enthusiast about life.
  • Has circles on it: You’ve experienced an emotional crisis.
  • Has multiple crosses: Indicates momentous decisions.

Of course, these are two of the lines. To see what the other two signify

Now look at your life line, the vertical line closest to your thumb. Keep in mind that this line actually says nothing about how long you will actually live you life.


Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

If the line…

  • Is strong and deep: You have a lust for life and you strive to reach your full potential.
  • Is shallow and faint: You tend to be less ambitious.
  • Is curved: You are strong.
  • Is straight: You are cautious when you enter a new relationship.
  • Is broken: You have experienced a sudden change in lifestyle.
  • Has circles: You have been hospitalized or injured.
  • Isn’t alone and you have multiple life lines: You are a very lively person.

Finally, check out your fate line, the vertical line that goes straight up the middle of your palm.


Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

If the line…

  • Is pronounced and straight: Indicates that you have a focused career.
  • Is faint: You are dissatisfied with your job.
  • Has little forks and branches growing from it: You have had many starts and stops in your career path.
  • It starts then splits off from your life line: You are a self-made individual that developed aspirations young.
  • Joins with the life line in the middle: You had or will have a point in which you will sacrifice your interests for the sake of others.
  • Starts at base of thumb and then crosses life line: You have the support of family and friends.

Was yours accurate? Let us know.

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