Two 30 Year Old Guys Lip-Sync A Conversation Between Two Old Ladies. It’s Hysterical.

One day a 30-year-old named Nik got the great idea to record his 60-year-old mother and aunt having random conversations about everyday things, then with the help of his friend Mitch he decided to make a lip-syncing video using the recordings. Turns out it was probably the best decision he’s ever made, since the video turned out absolutely hilarious.

(Source: The Kloons) When they get asked what they are talking about and she replies “Strawberries” even though they were clearly admiring and talking about blueberries, I like to imagine they were trying to keep the blueberry growing super secret and are covering for themselves. Can’t blame them, blueberries are delicious and I wouldn’t want someone getting their thieving hands on them. Share this absolutely hilarious video with your friends and family below.

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