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This Shows Why Women Live Longer Than Men

You thought it was a physical question? By no means.

#1 Kamikaze.

This picture drives me so crazy … I’d gladly pull that trigger.

404b49271558ec63dbbf1d01ea89cf02.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#2 Is it me?

Or are there some miscalculations here?

9a3cae16bee789fd40298538d8001184.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#3 Amazing.

At least it’s great picture to remember him by.

16f5e3f49bb6f93fa32338cc171db369.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#4 This one somehow looks plain stupid.

I mean, what’s the need?


#5 This one looks plain stupid 2.

I mean, what’s the need, 2?

ceaad5d85a714c2fee8841a652c20fd7.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#6 A bunch of guys

a85a43fc6e07aa8b2180c5a7b8528039.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#7 A bunch of guys

Yet again doing crazy things.

3d6e6989a36becc7c819dddbb54292fe.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#8 Animal lover 1

He doesn’t look too happy.

d62279005d7944ff8862ad3da97b42d6.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#9 Animal lover 2.

The lion doesn’t look too happy.

5b622caff522362799d0fbf4c20e28d0.600xvia ebaumsworld.com

#10 It’s always been the same.

Things don’t seem to have changed much, have they?


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