This Rottweiler’s Reaction To Getting A Bath Is Unusual… But The Cutest Ever.

Some dogs absolutely detest the idea of being clean and have to be dragged to the bathtub by their owners. Dog owner Ursula Liv has the complete opposite problem. Her Rottweiler Lena, loves soaking it up in the shower, basking in the glory that is warm water.

As soon as her owner stepped out of the shower one morning, with the water still running, Lena literally jumped at the opportunity by jumping right under the water. Her owner is so used to it that she decided to go and grab her camera phone, to document the adorableness for us all (which comes with a bonus kiss moment at the end).

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(Source:Life with Oz the Rottweiler)

As you can see from that head tilt into the spray, she’s truly loving every moment of that shower. And we love her.

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