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This Rescued Colt Made Them Shed Rears Upon Reading His Profile. Touching!

This Rescued Colt Made Them Shed Rears Upon Reading His Profile. Touching!

Ahorseby the name of Gizmo was found this past February collapsed at one roadside field. He was really wasted, as he suffered from pneumonia, hypothermia, dehydration and was full of lice. He had been abandoned at the age of four months.

He was instantly transferred to Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic. For about 14 days, he was unable to stand on his feet and found it difficult to breath. Those concerned worked day and night to see him well again. Gizmo portrayed a survivor’s heart for he really wanted to live. With time and donations from well-wishers from all over, he surprised the medical team. He became a popular horse loved by many whose determination still motivates a lot of people.

At the beginning of this month, Halstead veterinary clinic offered Gizmo a permanent home. And with the betting probabilities that he was stacked on at the beginning, he surprised everyone when he won the August championship and the young stock RSPCA class. That year, he got the crown of the RSPCA’s rescue horse. His profile easily made the judges to shed tears.

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In February of 2015, a four-month-old colt named Gizmo was found lifeless in a roadside field. The poor creature had collapsed, and he was on the brink of death.

Gizmo2-600x381Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic


Gizmo was immediately taken into the care of Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic. He could barely breathe or move, and he suffered from hypothermia, pneumonia, and other health issues. However, the staff saw surefire signs that he didn’t want to die.

image-600x600Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic


Gizmo had a long road to recovery, and his medical treatment was costly. Thankfully, kind strangers donated thousands of dollars to help Gizmo get the care he desperately needed.

Gizmoandteddy-300x168-600x336Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic




The staff fell deeply in love with Gizmo as they provided him with a slew of medical treatments. Through constant bandaging and blood transfusions, to antibiotics and a new diet plan, Gizmo’s strength began to re-build.

82086061_82063527-600x337Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic


Gizmo absolutely loved the attention from his family of two-legged heroes…

image-11-600x424Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic


…And he even learned to socialize with other horses!

82086062_gizmo_horse-600x337Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic




Earlier this month, Gizmo was permanently adopted by the Halstead veterinary clinic.

10609599-600x402Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic


And now, the icing on the cake: Gizmo won both his youngstock RSPCA class and the championship at this year’s Equifest, earning him the crown for RSPCA’s rescue horse of the year.

gizmoequifest1-600x381Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic


The judges were blown away by Gizmo’s rags-to-riches story. Six months after this foal was found starving, abandoned, and laying lifeless on death’s door, he’s now surrounded by so much love and triumph.

gizmoequifest3-600x381Facebook / Catley Cross Veterinary Clinic

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