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THIS Is Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People And Not Others

THIS Is Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People And Not Others

You may claim it’s because you’re blood is sweeter than others, but here’s the real reason mosquitoes are drawn to you.

#1 Annoying Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are certainly one of the most annoying insects, but did you know they were one of the most dangerous?


#2 Spread Disease

These little creatures spread disease from one person to another. It’s almost like sharing a needle with an infected person.


#3 Bite Some More Than Others

Some people seem to get bitten a lot more, and they wonder if it’s because they are sweeter tasting, or what the reason could be.


#4 Chemicals On The Skin

Each person carries different bacteria on their skin that produce a unique chemical combination, some of those combinations more attractive to mosquitoes than others.


#5 Exercising

Mosquitoes are also drawn to people who are exercising, their increased body temperature attracting them like … well, flies to sh!t.


#6 Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes love the air we breathe out, and those who are exercising are expelling a lot more than a sedate person.


#7 Beer Drinkers

And, you beer drinkers out there. They’re coming for you.


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