This Gorgeous Beauty Blogger Is Glamorous By Day, And Deeply Disturbing By Night

As someone who spends a really upsetting amount of time watching beauty gurus do their thing on YouTube, I can tell you that quite a few web-based makeup artists are a little one note. Sure, they’re all stunning, and yep, they can help you pick out the right lipstick for your skin tone, but after a while, watching pretty people put on pretty makeup can be a little humdrum. This is especially true if you also happen to be a weird, weird person like myself.

And that’s why makeup artists like Mykie over at Glam&Gore are the best. As you might have guessed by her channel name, she adds a dash of terror to a whole lot of gorgeousness, and the end result is dynamic, helpful, and altogether different from anything else out there.

One trend that permeates the beauty scene on YouTube is that some of the most popular artists also happen to be so beautiful that they make your eyes hurt. Mykie — who also seems like a really good human being — embodies that perfectly.

Need help with your false eyelashes? She has you covered.

Having a hard time with that vampy red lip? No worries. Queen Mykie is coming to the rescue.

We all know how difficult it is to create the perfect cat eye, so feel free to let this beauty maven be your guide.

And if you ever want to make it look like your face is covered in dragon skin and your eye is falling out, look no further…wait.

As it turns out, Mykie brings a whole new meaning to transitioning your look from day to night.

Instead of constantly using her makeup prowess to create soft, mauve-toned eye looks, she often takes a less conventional approach. She does so by regularly delving into the elusive (and awesomely terrifying) world of special effects makeup.

Some of her looks are seriously terrifying, but think about how much skill it takes to turn an actual angel face into this.

And if you ever need Halloween inspiration, she’s your girl.

But if you ask me, Mykie’s most incredible transformations occur when her two beauty passions collide.

Combining the softness of her everyday looks with special effects techniques makes for an undeniably stunning result.

I’m under the impression that most of us wouldn’t be able to pull this look off. Just a hunch.

This one says, “I’m terrifying, but you want to be me,” which could not possibly be more accurate.

Whether you want to amplify your lashes or turn yourself into a cross between Cindy Crawford and a unicorn, there’s something on her channel for everyone.

She can also help you ensure that your makeup slays even after you peel your own face off.

But the fact of the matter is that you’re not going to get a feel for her complete and utter slayage until you check out one of her tutorials. If you’re anything like every other human on the planet, you’ll love this Game of Thrones look.

I’m pretty personally invested in my unhealthy obsession with Glam&Gore, and I wholeheartedly believe that you should be, too. If you like mixing your love for makeup with an affinity for making people feel uncomfortable, be sure to follow Mykie on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you need me, I’ll be busting out the glitter at my vanity.

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