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This Girl Was Born With Her Heart Outside Her Chest And Wasn’t Expected To Live, Then A Miracle Happened…

#1 Audrena Cardenas

Audrena Cardenas was born with Ectopia Cordis, which is a rare disease in which the heart develops outside the chest cavity…causing extreme health danger.


#2 16 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Ashley, Audrena’s mother was told about this condition in her 16th week of pregnancy.


#3 Less Than 10 percent

Less than 10 percent of babies born with Ectopia Cordis live longer than three days after birth. However, Ashley prayed that she had a longer time with her beautiful new daughter.


#4 Open Heart

Open heart surgery was performed on Audrena immediately after her birth. They created a new chest cavity for her heart to be placed in. Audrena began to stabilize after her body responded positively to the surgery.


#5 90 Days Later…

After being in the hospital for 90 days, Audrena was finally able to join her family, wearing a chest guard to protect her heart. Ashley and Audrena’s father expect her to live a healthy and happy life after fully recovering, all thanks to amazing doctors!


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