This Attic Apartment Looks Tiny, But Actually? It Has Everything.

We’ve all had that experience of living somewhere that’s just a little too small. Whether a college dorm, or an overpriced apartment in a new city, the experience of cramped living is not terribly fun. That’s exactly the problem that Spanish firm Elii Architects sought to remedy for one apartment in the city of Madrid, Spain.

The seemingly tiny attic apartment, dubbed Didomestic, makes creative use of limited space. The result is something truly spectacular that will definitely make you jealous. It’s difficult to explain without seeing it. Let’s take a little tour, shall we?

The apartment revolves around a central cube with stairs leading to the second level.

The walls of the apartment can fold out to create partitions.

Another angle of the cube.

On the wall are levers to move different sections of the wall in and out of place.

Such an an interesting color scheme.

Upstairs is the bedroom and bathroom. Here’s the shower.

Popup mirror.

There’s the bed opposite the shower.

Laying down upstairs to do some writing.

Shelves come down from the ceiling.

Complete with a swing for all your entertainment needs.

Also concealed in the ceiling is a hammock for maximum relaxing.

The kitchen.

A hanging kitchen table and seats.

The floor plans of the apartment.

I want to live here! Check this bonus video walk through of the apartment. 

Elii Architects makes some pretty funky stuff besides this. Check out a few videos of their other projects. You might just fall in love with them.



(Via: Lost At E Minor)

These guys are good. I know who I’m going to call to design my dream house for me. Share these innovative designs with you Facebook friends by clicking below. 

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