This Abused Dog Lived A Terrible Life In A Rusty Cage. Then Everything Changed.

Dogs are man’s best friend. They love us unconditionally, and they only ask for our attention and care in return. That’s why the responsibility to protect them is so great; by entrusting us with their very lives, their well-being is completely in our hands. As the saying goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

But what happens when people abuse that trust, and neglect their duty. When the very people entrusted to protect them… do the opposite? 

One man figured out the answer. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Meet Billy the Puppy, along with his personal hero, Adam. Billy was found in a puppy mill in North Carolina by Adam and The Humane Society in late 2012. The puppy mill was beyond horrible, with animals in various stages of neglect and abuse.

When Adam first saw Billy, he was trapped in a rusted shut crate and on the brink of death. He was incredibly malnourished, and suffered from many diseases incurred from neglect.

Making matters worse, it appeared that Billy had never been allowed outside of his crate. This means for his entire life Billy was only given “water” and food through the bars.

After finally breaking open the rusted door, Adam saved Billy from this nightmare and gave him his first loving hug. Their connection was instant, and Adam knew he had to take Billy home to care for him forever.

Adam’s act of true heroism made a difference in Billy’s life. A difference that we hope never needs to happen again. Bravo, Adam.

Check out Adam’s full heartwarming act of heroism in the video below:

Unfortunately, since this video we’ve learned that weeks after Billy was rescued, he unexpectedly passed away. Letting the world know through a YouTube update, we were told: “With heavy hearts, we report that Billy unexpectedly passed away over the holidays. Life in a puppy mill wrecked his body, and in the end he succumbed to complications stemming from years of untreated medical conditions.”

There’s simply no excuse for what Billy, and all of these neglected animals have had to go through in their lives. It’s unacceptable, and can only be stopped by letting people know that it’s wrong, and educating the public for signs to look out for. Please help spread awareness about animal cruelty by using the buttons below. Together, we’ll keep Billy’s memory alive and hopefully prevent such acts from happening again.

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