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This 18-Year-Old Girl Makes Stunning Fairytale Dresses That Will Blow Your Mind! WOW!

Nothing can drive girls crazy than having a closet full with beautiful dresses. Angela Clayton, an 18-year-old girl from Long Island in New York, began sewing 3 years ago and then she fell in love with it and started to make stunning costumes that are related to historical fashion and cosplay.

“I started sewing when I became interested in cosplay, since it combined my love of creating, makeup, photography and dressing up perfectly. I’ve since moved on and am more focused on original designs,” Angela says on her website.

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“I find myself very inspired by historical garments, which is why the majority of my work will be reproductions, or heavily inspired by the clothing from many centuries ago,”

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She describes herself as a quiet and introvert individual therefore creating these dresses is a great way of self-expression

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She also has a YouTube channel, where she posts tutorials

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Angela’s future goal would be working in costume industry

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We have a feeling she’ll be very good at it!

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This little girl has surely a good eye and some talent to show. We hope she is going to be something big in the fashion industry.

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