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These Girls’ Tricky Technique Saves The Day. Unbelievable But So Adorable!

These Girls’ Tricky Technique Saves The Day. Unbelievable But So Adorable!

Amanda and her friend decided to take the impossibility challenge when they heard of the disappearance of a dog known as Bear, at a camp ground called Evans Creek, located in Washington.

Currently named as heroes, the girls posted pictures of the hardship they underwent to rescue Bear who was skinny and afraid of human beings that got closer to him.

One hour went in vain while trying to trap the dog with food. The following day they returned at the same place with the same trick but failed again, a situation that made them get imaginative and inventive.

Acting to be a sick person in need of help, Amanda had herself on the gravel ground, then began to crawl in a backward position towards Bear. She took more than an hour to get near the dog slowly. When Bear conveyed his worry, Amanda began to yawn and whimper which Bear interpreted as a soothing sign, as she kept moving closer till she found herself beside him.

The two embraced themselves for two hours, until he gave in to be put a slip on his neck. He now was safe. There surely are wonderful people on earth like this cop who alighted from his car and soothed two dogs wandering at the road side.

He is now recovering. They think that his family lost him, and they are making attempts to locate it. If they are not successful, a family will be looked for to adopt him.

Take a look at Bear’s photos and SHARE them with your friends on Facebook to help him reunite with his friend!

A frightened, starving dog nicknamed “Bear” was alone in a park, with no one to turn to. When Amanda heard about him, she and her friend decided to do something about it. Whatever it took.

After trying to coax the dog with food to no avail, Amanda curled up on the gravel road right by Bear, but with her back to him. He growled a little bit, but eventually got close enough to smell her. She laid in the road like this for 20 minutes before Bear lost interest and wandered off.

But she didn’t give up. Again, Amanda got down on the ground with her back to the dog and slowly started crawling backwards.



For the next hour, she stay curled up in a ball, inching closer and closer to Bear.

Amanda knew how delicate the situation was. She made sure not to try to grab him because she didn’t want to lose the trust she was beginning to build.


Finally, she got right up next to Bear. She made “comfort” sounds, and continued to slowly get closer until she was rested right up against his body. Incredible!




Bear was emaciated — his bone and ribs were sticking out. But Amanda and Dylan finally earned Bear’s trust. They could have given up hours ago, but they acted with patience and understanding.


Finally, Bear allowed the girls to place a lead around his neck. He’s safe at last!


That night, Amanda discovered Bear wanted to be carried everywhere, and she happily obliged! The two snuggled together until they got to the vet, where Bear is currently on the road to recovery. What an AMAZING story that should be seen by all — please SHARE Bear’s story with your friends on Facebook!


Please SHARE them with your friends on Facebook to help him reunite with his friend

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