These Divers Almost Passed Right By Floating Debris. Til They Looked Closer… Unbelievable.

At any moment in our lives there is the possibility that we’ll be called upon to do something heroic. Whether it’s something as big as catching someone before they trip into a busy street, or as “insignificant” as helping a neighbor carry the groceries. It’s these moments of true spontaneity that show others who we really are. And that’s why I know these two gentlemen have hearts of gold. Check it out.

Too busy to watch a heart-warming video? How about the quickie version?

This sea turtle was luckily found off the coast of Mexico by two divers. Unlucky for him though, he was caught in ropes that surely would have killed him eventually.

After a struggle, the divers were able to free the turtle and set him on his way.

(Source: YouTube via BuzzFeed) Smiling yet? Please let others know about this small deed of heroism below and help spread the karma.  

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