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The Parents Leave Their 1-Year-Old With The Babysitter. When They See Him The Next Day, Their Hearts Stop.

#1 Parents Night Out

Joshua Marbury and Alicia Quinney desperatley needed a date night to themselves, after giving birth to their 1-year-old son Jacob. They left their baby boy with a close family friend, confident he would keep him safe for the night. They came back home and noticed the babysitter asleep on the couch…

#2 Poor Jacob

Jacob was on the floor crying all by himself, with noticeable injuries to his face.

#3 The Truth

After finding out that the babysitter actually HIT baby Jacob multiple times, father Josh went to his Facebook page pleading for help!

#4 No Child Deserves This!

Please help spread this story, as the family is still waiting for their sons attacker to be arrested!


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