The Ocean May Be Beautiful, But Fighting Sharks? No Thanks. I’m Outta Here.

Let’s take a moment and be thankful for things like boats, shark cages and anything else that can keep our tiny, crunchy bodies away from things like sharks. 

Adam Malski took a diving trip to a spot 50 miles off the coast of South Australia’s Neptune Islands. That’s where many journey to get up close and personal with great white sharks. In order to attract sharks, his boat was trailing bait. Thanks to the bait, an underwater camera and a cage, he got plenty of footage.

As soon as he got back on the boat, he got quite the surprise. A large great white attacked a smaller shark, resulting in a brutal chomping match between the two predators. The attacker is known in the area as “Gilbert,” and measures 4.8 meters, or nearly 16 feet. The smaller shark has not been seen since, so Malski and his fellow divers are unsure if it survived the attack.

The fight between the two sharks is unusual. Despite their reputation, great white sharks actually tend to avoid conflict. It’s possible that the larger shark was actually aiming for the bait trailing from the boat and the smaller shark was simply in the way. However, we’ll never know.

via IFL Science

But what I DO know? I’m staying out of the water.

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