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The Most Unlikely Friendship You’ll Ever See

The Most Unlikely Friendship You’ll Ever See

It’s the Brady Bunch of the animal kingdom, and you thought your family was crazy!


#1 Meet the fam!

Meet Bob, the amazing golden retriever. He’s head of a family of 8 birds and a hamster!



#2 What’s the pecking order?

Bob lives in São Paulo, Brazil and obviously enjoys posing for pictures with his unusual companions.



#3 My human…

Luckily for Bob, he has the support of his human who helps Bob care for his little friends.



#4 Nesting

Is there any better nest than a dog’s ear? Yes, probably, but it must be so warm…



#5 All his birds in a row

Bob enjoys napping like any canine, but has dual duties as a perch.



#6 Almost at the summit!

Bob carefully weighs the pros and cons of this encounter with his hamster hombre. There’s no hamster pellets up there, buddy!


#7 How exhausting!

It’s resting time for this crazy family of animal misfits. Who knows what adventures lay ahead for these Instagram heroes?


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