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The Most Beautiful Prom You’ll Ever See

The Most Beautiful Prom You’ll Ever See

This video of the Memphis Joy Prom 2014 will you make you proud if you are from Memphis and if not, you will definitely salute the event organizers. It is not your ordinary prom that you are used to; it is a joy prom for all people with all sorts of disabilities. Hundreds of people walk into the event, hand in hand; couples, siblings, parent and child, whichever combination you may think of. They are dressed for the occasion with women in beautiful dresses and men in their sleek suits.

This video goes to show that disability is not inability as these physically or otherwise challenged individuals have a time of their lives. The look in their eyes is priceless as they smile, laugh and dance with joy and amusement. It’s like they are having the moment they never had a chance to feel and be part of. You will be forgiven if this makes your eyes watery; it emotional as it is exciting to watch.
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