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The Little Kid Failed To Positively Respond To Medication, Then The Mother Did This… Astonishing!

The Little Kid Failed To Positively Respond To Medication, Then The Mother Did This… Astonishing!

Back in 2013, everything seemed perfect for Stephanie, her daughter of 6 years and her husband. She was expecting a baby boy who was healthy as informed by the medics.

At 3 months of age, an unusual red rash was noticed on Isaiah’s cheeks. When she took him to a pediatrician, she was informed that the little boy had dermatitis. That prompted her to go home and change all the deodorants, lotions, shampoos and all household products with potential allergenic ingredients or scents. That did not change Isaiah’s state since his skin continued to crack and blister. Doctors concluded that the kid had some severe form of eczema. He was given some steroids or cortisone creams as medications to treat the ailment. Instead of the situation getting better, he got worse.

The young one’s parents never knew that the medicines were doing some internal harm to their baby instead of healing him. The boy’s state of discomfort and pain highly disturbed them. They never knew what to do to prevent him from crying from time to time. They could no longer spend time with their friends and were advised to find another pediatrician.

Then all changed when Stephanie decided to follow her motherly instincts. It’s something that shocked all but was worthy it!

The stunning transformation can be seen below.

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Stephanie ushered in 2013 with a newborn baby boy. Isaiah was healthy, happy, and loved immensely by his mom, dad, and big sister.

104_1949-600x450Isaiah Quinn

At three months old, Stephanie noticed a rash on Isaiah’s cheek. The doctor deemed it contact dermatitis, so Mom went home and got rid of any products, chemicals, and perfumes that could be harmful.

isaiahface1-600x450Isaiah Quinn

Still, Isaiah’s skin was so sensitive that he would break out in rashes around other people. An allergist diagnosed Isaiah with eczema, and prescribed antibiotics and a low-dose steroid cream.

2013-03-22_18-42-29_160-600x1063Isaiah Quinn

But his skin only got worse. Isaiah was rushed to the ER. Doctors prescribed him more steroids and anti-fungal, but the nightmare continued. Isaiah was so miserable that Stephanie would sleep with him every night in a recliner.

103_2949-600x450Isaiah Quinn

As Stephanie searched for answers, Isaiah lost his hair and was extremely lethargic. He ended up in the hospital again, only to be prescribed more steroids. His skin was red and raw from head to toe.

103_3159-600x450Isaiah Quinn

Isaiah’s parents would wrap his hands in gauze to prevent him from scratching himself. Since water was one of the only things that could soothe him, she’d wrap his body in wet towels and place him under cool, running water. This became an every day routine.

103_2692-600x450Isaiah Quinn

Isaiah’s skin would clear, but only for a short time. He lost weight, he was dehydrated, he smelled of metal, and he was placed on more doses of steroids. Isaiah would scream for days on end. It was a never-ending cycle.

103_3119-600x450Isaiah Quinn

Stephanie and her family lived in a perpetual state of fear, frustration, and pain. But she persevered, and found her strength and determination in God. Then one day, their prayers were finally answered.

103_3363-600x450Isaiah Quinn

Stephanie and her husband would spend hours online, independently reading up on steroid creams. They stumbled across a non-profit site called ITSAN (International Topical Steroid Addiction Network) that mentions “Red Skin Syndrome” (RSS) and the harmful side-effects of steroid creams that cause severe eczema. The symptoms perfectly matched Isaiah’s.

103_2722-600x450Isaiah Quinn

Stephanie and her husband realized that the steroid creams were actually fueling the horrible cycle of rashes, breakouts, and worsening symptoms. All the while, the doctors never connected the medication with the problem.

103_3504-600x450Isaiah Quinn

Stephanie found it impossible to convince doctors not to use steroids. She felt they thought she was crazy, but her intuition kept telling her to take Isaiah off steroids completely. Thankfully, Isaiah’s pediatrician listened to her pleas. Isaiah was given intravenous nutrients and began to smile again…

2013-05-21_10-47-13_520-600x337Isaiah Quinn

10 months after Stephanie decided to take him off steroid treatment, despite the doctors’ recommendations, Isaiah’s health began to improve. His skin got better and he gained weight. However, the medical professionals continued to push steroid treatment. “I think people finally realized how serious we were about not using them, everyone seemed to back off as his health was improving so much,” Stephanie says.

103_4978-600x450Isaiah Quinn

As Stephanie and her husband are transitioning to a more normal life with their children, they hope their story will raise awareness. She not only wants to instill healing in others, but she also wants the medical community to understand there are people with devastating allergies to steroids.

246-600x450Isaiah Quinn

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