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Teased and Bullied, The 14-Year-Old Surprises Everyone When He Does This…

Teased and Bullied, The 14-Year-Old Surprises Everyone When He Does This…

Typical 14 year-old boys are energetic and are into sports such as track and field, football, reading, playing video games and many others.  That is also the case for AustinNiehus, however, hestands out in a particular way. He has a rare genetic condition known as Goldenhar syndrome.

Goldenhar syndrome is a birth defect that mainly affects the face and the head region. It manifests itself by affecting the eyes, ears and the backbone. In Austin’s case,he was born without the ability to hear since he never had an ear. The doctor’s diagnosis at the time was that Austin wouldn’t see his first birthday. However, he has been able to do the unexpected and reached his 14thbirthday.

Over the course of his short life, Austin has been operated 52 times with the aim of correcting his condition. Moreover, he is awaiting an operation that will fix his open pallet in June. Sadly though, this procedure is not included in his insurance cover. The lack of insurance has placed a huge financial strain on his mother who is single with three kids. Austin made this video to generate $4000 that will cover the surgery.

Austin is young and yet has gone through so much; he has been made fun of and teased by his age mates. However, despite all that, he has come out as an intelligent and brave boy.

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