Swan Admiring Its Own Reflection In Someone’s Backyard Gets Caught And Set Free.

When this beautiful swan got lost, he ended up wandering into a family’s yard. He didn’t leave it, though, because what he found there amazed him. There was a mirror leaning up against a wall. Once he saw his reflection in it, he couldn’t look away.

The homeowners didn’t know what to do with a narcissistic swan. So, they called Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation. Simon, having a lot of experience with swans in the past, came prepared with a special swan capturing bag.

Getting the swan into the bag wasn’t all that difficult for Simon, but he was taken by surprise when he went to release it. There’s no doubt this guy was ready to be free!

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

It’s almost as if that swan was saying to himself; “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest swan of all?”

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