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Start ▶ Florida Husband Used His Wife’s Head As Mop To Clean Up Spilled Milk

A man became enraged after he could not find an essential condiment, and ended up taking it out on his wife.

#1 Keith Davidson is NOT a good guy

He was recently arrested when he got into an argument with his wife over a lack of jelly in the house. Was he supposed to make a PB & PB? Where’s the J?

#2 He ended up slamming his wife’s head to the ground and using it as a mop

She spilled some milk over the argument about jelly, and he promptly slammed her to the ground, using her hair to mop up the milk. She called the cops and he was taken into custody.


#3 Don’t let sandwiches and milk lead to domestic violence

Not to make light of the situation, but do not let minor issues mushroom in your life, period.


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