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Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Nearby. This One Sends Shivers Down My Spine

#1 They’re Not Coming Back… Or Are They?

Those of use who know the pain of losing a loved one can attest to the horror they feel. But many of them also report feelings that their loved one is still close by…


#2 They’re In Your Dreams

One of the most common experiences people have after losing a loved one is seeing them in dreams. Could it all be a figment of their imagination? Or are they being visited from the other side?


#3 You Feel Their Touch

Other people report feeling a touch of someone when there’s no one there. It could be a stroke on the back or across the forearm. Could this be the presence of a loved one’s spirit?


#4 Inexplicable Phenomenon

Sometimes things happen and there’s no explaining it- like photographs falling over and smashing when you’re not looking. This could be the work of a deceased loved one trying to get your attention.


#5 Hiding Or Appearing Objects

Sometimes people who have just lost a loved one notice that specific objects seem to go missing, and then reappear in places they definitely did not remember putting them. This could be a deceased loved one trying to tell you something.


#6 You Smell Them

A lost one’s perfume seems to waft into the air at times when it makes no sense. Could it be that this is evidence of a deceased loved one’s presence?


#7 Learn To Let Go

You may notice these signs, and it might be comforting or scary- but remember this: They are gone and they are never coming back. It’s tough, but you need to accept that.


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