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She’s Abused By Her Husband, And Then These Guys Come Along And Do This To Her. Incredible!

She’s Abused By Her Husband, And Then These Guys Come Along And Do This To Her. Incredible!

If you haven’t heard of Meathead Movers and their partner NGO, Good Shepherd, now is a nice time toknow and thank them.

In 1997, some student athletes, young men, founded Meathead Movers, and this company has go on to gain so much popularity, and for a very good reason. You see, real men don’t hit or misuse women, and thiscompany is founded on that belief, so they go out of their way to offer free moving services for any women victimized in abusive domestic relationships. It’s been reported that most abusedwomen have to put up with their aggressors simply because they have no means of moving out, and this company has decided to step in a foot that bill.

In this video, you get to witness one of their good works. This lady was living under domestic slavery, but Meathead Movers came in and changed all that.

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Meathead Movers provides moving services for those fleeing abusive situations — completely free of charge. “It’s unimaginable to think about a woman and her children trying to pack up all their belongings and flee before the abuser returns home,” CEO Aaron Steed told LA Weekly.

These handsome heroes consist of “predominantly young men who believe that real men don’t hit women, real men help those in need.”

meathead-movers-ma_3431427b-600x280Meathead Movers

Here’s last month’s “Stud Of The Month,” who’s described as an athletic guy who never fails to put a smile on everyone’s faces. They’re proud of their work, and they’re ready to help more victims of domestic abuse.

11855713_954074831317628_3032097537736480820_n-600x481Meathead Movers

Meathead Movers recently partnered up with the Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno to provide safe emergency/transitional living. In just one week, the movers helped four Fresno, CA families leave their abusive living situations.

306011_465536823504767_2043155013_n-600x371Meathead Movers

This awesome artwork was gifted to Meathead Movers by a child who was safely moved in their care. Clearly, the Meathead Movers are superheroes to those who need a fresh new start, and fast.


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