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She Was Frequently Disturbed By Telemarketer Calls, Then She Decided To Do This… So Funny!

Although we never like the situation whereby we receive unnecessary sales calls, we don’t have any otherwise for that. To other people, telemarketing calls are often and insistent, and most of the times it comes from economic cheats.

Sometimes we generate the urge of teaching these callers a lesson, a lesson to act like a revenge but not harmful. The following conversation may the perfect solution to choose as a revenge. This is a tale that has been going round on the social media motivating the readers. It’s about one elderly woman who is totally tired of the telemarketers and decides to pay them back by making them understand how these calls are annoying.

Research from the Federal Trade Commission, reveals that a lot of money is lost by people to the telephone cheats yearly. Some cons are so experienced that they lure you into a conversation. They can use an excuse that they are workers from a company you trust, or lure you to call them by posting you a mail. To me, this woman’s method is the correct one in dealing with these telemarketer cheats. Do you concur with my thoughts?

Read the whole story to find out what was the response she gave them when she responded to the call. Don’t forget to SHARE this hilarious story with all your friends on Facebook!

Ring, ring, ring…



Me: Hello?

Them: Hello sir, I am calling from A Market Research Company*. Would you be willing to take a short study with us?

Me: Absolutely! We here at Evermoon Consulting are always ready to provide opinion based data to our clients!

Them: Um… Ok? Anyway, the survey just takes about 5 minutes and when finished you are entered into a drawing to win a 3 day vacation to Cancun.



Me: That will not be needed. Our usual remuneration per our standard service agreement is all that is required. However please be aware that our lowest billable period is one hour and this call will be billed for an hour of service even if only five minutes is used.

Them: No sir, this will only take five minutes not an hour.

Me: I understand, however your firm will still be billed the minimum hour as per our services agreements. That comes to $225. How would you like to take care of this today? Do you have billing set up with us already? If so I just need the corporate code for your company.

Them: I don’t have that… This only enters you for a trip.



Me: Ok, that’s alright sir. We can set this up on a company credit card for a small fee. Your new total will be $257.98, sir. Go ahead and give me the credit card number.

Them: What credit card?! We aren’t paying $257 for this! Me: Oh, you are absolutely right sir! I am so sorry! We are talking after 6pm CDT so you are correct that we are in “premium time”. That is correspondingly higher. You total will be $517.54. Thank you for reminding me!

Them: What?! No… No… We can call you after 6pm. The law says we can call until 9pm.

Me: Evermoon Consulting prides itself on meeting our customers needs 24 hours a day sir, but between 6pm and 6am is premium time. I am ready for that credit card number now, sir.



Them: Look, I just have the calls routed to me. I didn’t call you, a computer did.

Me: Oh, I see.

Them: Yeah, so can we just get to the survey? Her: Yes, but I will have to add our auto-dialer fee to the charges. It’s due to our consultants time being so valuable that we do this to keep them from having their time wasted. With that fee your new total is $759.99. What are the first four digits of the card you would like us to use, please?

Them: Hold on for my supervisor please.

Me: Ok.

Five minutes later…



Supervisor: Hello sir, I understand there is a problem?

Me: None at all. Your total charges for one hour of premium time consulting with auto-dialer charge and supervisor level respondent fee with credit card processing is $1163.67. Will this be on a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express today?

Supervisor: For what?! Me: Consulting on your survey of course. What method of payment will you be using today?

Would you ever be daring enough to try something like this on a telemarketer? Let us know, and please SHARE this hilarious story with your friends on Facebook!Credit: Messing With Telemarketers by Haven Riney

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