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She Wakes Up On A Bench Confused And Foggy. Then She Spots The Note Beside Her…

She Wakes Up On A Bench Confused And Foggy. Then She Spots The Note Beside Her…

This woke up on a bench without any memory of how she got there… It turns out a complete stranger had left her there, and they also left her a note…

#1 Woman Wakes Up On Bench

Ellie Farnfield is just another average woman who was taking the train one day. Suddenly, she had a seizure.


#2 She Was Shaking On The Ground And No One Helped

She fell and hit the ground in the crowded train station, but no one wanted to help. Everyone wanted to mind their own business and keep walking. All except one man.


#3 The Man Known Only As Tom

The one man who decided to help is known only as Tom. He made sure she was all right, and alerted train staff. He was late for an appointment, so he couldn’t stay, but he did leave a note behind.


#4 The Note He Left Is One Of The Sweetest Things You Will Ever Read

Here is an image of Tom’s note that he left behind for Ellie. As you can see, this is a guy who truly cared about the well being of a fellow human being. I hope it restores a little bit of faith in humanity for you.


#5 He Did Everything He Could To Help Her

Unfortunately, it seems that when Ellie awoke, her purse had been stolen. Tom, being the amazing person he is, decided to leave her 10 pounds so she could take the train home, and a cup of coffee to make her feel better when she woke up.

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#6 He Also Called Her Family

If that wasn’t enough, he also called Ellie’s family to inform them of the situation. They were probably very thankful to have a guy like Tom step in to help.


#7 Ellie Is Now Trying To Track Down Tom

Understandably, Ellie is now attempting to track down Tom, in order to thank him. She has even started a social media campaign to find him, using the hashtag #findtraintom


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