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She Puts Leftover Celery Into Water, 3 Days Later? Amazing!

She Puts Leftover Celery Into Water, 3 Days Later? Amazing!

Cobi Kim teaches us how to grow a garden from kitchen scraps.

#1 Celery

Cut the bottom of celery off and place root down in water. By day three, your new celery will have sprouted.


#2 Ready To Plant

In 10 days, your celery is ready to plant in your garden.


#3 Pineapple

Regrow a pineapple by removing the top leaves from the pineapple and placing in water.


#4 Ready To Plant

In 3 weeks you will have roots and can plant in your garden, and in 18 months you’ll have your very own home grown pineapple.


#5 Ginger

Plant with nubs facing up and in 4 to 6 months you can harvest.


#6 Garlic

Pick the largest cloves and peel back paper from the sprout end. Plant about 6 inches apart with the peeled end up. In 2 weeks you’ll see your garlic sprouts appear.


#7 Green Onions

Cut about 4 inches above roots and place in water near a sunlit window. By day 5 you’re new green onions will have sprouted and by day 7 you can plant them outside.


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