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She Ordered The Beer, But Never Drank It. But It’s The Reason Why That’s Creating A Big Buzz. Respect!

She Ordered The Beer, But Never Drank It. But It’s The Reason Why That’s Creating A Big Buzz. Respect!

Last week, something happened inTacoma, WA, at the Buffalo Wild Wings. It all started when a lady walked in for lunch and also ordered two beers, a Corona and a Blue Moon. Brian is the server, so he told her that the state law doesn’t allow simultaneous purchase of two beers. Then she said it.

She told him that she was ordering the Corona for her brother. Her brother had died in Iraq serving with the US Army. The server placed the two beers at her table, and the Corona stayed at the empty seat and was never touched. When he brought the bill, Brian told the lady that the restaurant was paying for the Corona.

The lady wrote a short, simple message, and it has now gone viral. She wrote a thank you message on behalf of her brother. When Brian posted it on Facebook, it became a storm!

The restaurant has decided to keep the beer and honor the soldier’s memory.Check the clip and love it, and if you think it’s cool, SHARE it on Facebook too!

This past week, a woman ordered two bottles of beer at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Tacoma, WA. One was for her, and the other was for her brother — a soldier who died in Iraq.

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She placed the beer at the empty seat beside her, and when she finished her lunch, the restaurant bought the beer for her. She left a sweet note of thanks on her receipt. Buffalo Wild Wings has taken the act of kindness even further, keeping the beer on the bar in a never-ending toast to the fallen soldier.


Brian, the server, was so touched by the brief yet powerful encounter that he posted about his experience on Facebook. It quickly went viral, being shared thousands of times by strangers all over the country.

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The bottle now rests on top of a colour, draped in the American flag. After sharing his experience on Facebook, Brian’s post has quickly gone viral. People all over the country are touched by this restaurant’s tribute.

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