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She Barked For Days, And You Won’t Believe What This Cool Guy Finally Found At The Scene Of The Noise. WOW!

She Barked For Days, And You Won’t Believe What This Cool Guy Finally Found At The Scene Of The Noise. WOW!

In the thick jungles of the North Pointe Creek in South Carolina, a dog barked so noisily for days on end, so much that one resident couldn’t help getting concerned. Animal control officers were notified of the situation, and one Michelle Smith came down tocheck.

When she looked across, she saw a black and white dog just behind a Home Depot, and she made her way there. Turns out the animal could have made its way up the creek pretty easily, but she was protecting something.

Officer Michelle found the good dog nursing a cute little kitten. Imagine a dog caring for a small cat, and you can get the picture. It’s just as incredible as it sounds. The officer saved the two animals and took them to the nearby P.A.W.S within the Anderson County. It was found that the dog had somehow been producing milk to keep the baby cat alive!

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Concerned residents heard a small dog barking from deep inside a ravine and alongside a creek in South Carolina.

article-0-1AEA5194000005DC-703_634x472-600x447Facebook / Anderson County P.A.W.S

Animal control officer Michelle Smith followed the barking and found the dog nursing a stray kitten. The officer realized the Shih Tzu mix refused to leave the kitten’s side, but couldn’t manage the steep trek up the embankment on her own.

Officer Michelle SmithIndependent Mail

For days, the dog had cleaned and tended to the kitten while they were trapped in the ravine. Officer Smith took the pair to Anderson County P.A.W.S. where they remained inseparable.

KateGoldie1-600x600Facebook / Anderson County P.A.W.S

Joe and his wife saw the dog and kitten on the news, and made a tearful plea to adopt the pair together; they were reminded of their former dog and cat who died within two months of each other.

222-600x453Facebook / Anderson County P.A.W.S

Joe and his family adopted Goldie and Kate (named after famous mother and daughter Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson). To this day, Goldie still acts as Kate’s mom, and the pair couldn’t be happier in their new home.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-08-at-8.09.13-AM-600x333Facebook / Goldie N Kate Doe

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