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Queen Elizabeth Rules Out Gay Marriage In UK-Says “Marriage Is For Man And Woman”

Queen Elizabeth Rules Out Gay Marriage In UK-Says “Marriage Is For Man And Woman”


The Queen needs to get with the times…

#1 Her Core Beliefs

Queen Elizabeth II opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in England because of her deep Christian values, a close friend has reportedly told a London-based newspaper.


#2 Just Need The Queen To Hop On Board

In March of 2014, England and Wales legalized gay marriage; one month after Scotland did the same. Northern Ireland is the only member nation of the U.K. that has not done legalized it.


#3 Which Side Is She On?

Daily Mail published a story on Sunday which claimed that the queen, who is also head of the Church of England, secretly opposed gay marriage but was in favor of civil partnerships.


#4 The Queen’s Thoughts

“Those in civil partnerships can choose to convert their relationships to marriage, via a procedure expected to be in place by the end of the year, but are under no obligation to do so.”


#5 Things Can Be Worked Out

The law prohibits the Church of England from performing same-sex weddings, and allows other religious organisations to refuse to perform them.


#6 Wishing She Had More Power?

The monarch was frustrated by the fact that she could only “advise and warn” on the issue. “It was the ‘marriage’ thing that she thought was wrong, because marriage ought to be sacrosanct between a man and a woman,” said the friend, as quoted by the Daily Mail.


#7 Who Said What?

The Daily Mail’s story about the queen opposing the legalization of gay marriage has not gone unchallenge. The Daily Beast published an article Monday rejecting the U.K. publication’s claim.


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