Professional Diver Builds A Heartwarming Friendship With A Wild Eel. This Proves That Animals Just Want Our Love.

Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron are renowned Australian professional divers, underwater cinematographers, and shark experts. But one of their most remarkable experiences involved a moray eel that Valerie became great friends with and eventually named Honey.

Valerie first met Honey in 1974 in the waters around Banda Island, Indonesia, and their amazing bond lasted for a very long time. I’ve heard of wild dolphins developing incredible relationships like this with humans, but this is the first time I hear of an eel forming such a bond with a person. This just goes to show you, all animals feel and recognize love if it’s in your heart. They also remember those who share it. Source: Central Florida Aquarium Society – CFLAS Share this incredible bond with your friends and family below.

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