One Family’s Home Was Being Haunted, But Not By What You’d Think.

One family in Ontario, Canada, is thanking their lucky stars that their house has finally been cleansed of an unwanted house guest. 

For several weeks the Leck family thought their house might be haunted. There were strange things happening in their home, like unexplained noises at all hours, lamps being knocked over, and random glasses breaking. 

Eventually, though, they found the culprit: a giant python. Yep, I know. It’s worse than an actual ghost. 

The Leck’s made the discovery after coming home and heading to living room to watch TV. Rachel Leck sat down on the couch to watch the baseball game with her son Xavier. Curled up next to her on the couch was the snake.

After fleeing the house screaming, the police came to capture the snake. 

Here is one of the officers finally snagging the snake.

If you want to see the police capture the unwanted house guest, watch the video below: 

(H/T: Mirror)

That would freak me the heck out. Imagine coming home, just minding your own business, and there sitting right next to you on the couch is a giant snake. No thank you.

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