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Old Man Waters The Grave Of A Fallen Soldier He Never Met. Reason? So Touching!

Old Man Waters The Grave Of A Fallen Soldier He Never Met. Reason? So Touching!

Jake’s wife died In May 2014, at the age of 65. From then, he had been visiting her grave everyday where he brings flowers and irrigates the grass around her headstone.

While Jack was at the Garden Park Cemetery in Texas, he spotted a woman weeping while bowing over some grave. Upon crossing that grave, he saw that the headstone had the name of a fallen soldier, and it was her wife that was weeping. His reaction at that time is gaining popularity in the social media. He started irrigating the grass at the grave of the fallen soldier too. That was the only thing he could do.

The fallen soldier was called Joseph Villasenor, an officer of the USA Air Force. At the age of 35, in 2010, he died in a car accident.

From the time Jake watered Joseph’s grave, Rachel and her spouse noticed change in the headstones’ grass. It had become greener than the rest in the other graves. This made Rachel think that Joseph was being watched over by an angel. Actually the real angel was Jake himself. Rachel commented that it was so amazing to see that a total stranger was taking care of their son who they never even met.

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Ever since his wife of 65 years passed away, Jake has visited her grave. He leaves flowers and waters her plot, making sure to keep it green and healthy.

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One day, Jake met a woman kneeling and crying over the grave of her husband, a fallen soldier named Joseph.

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In addition to watering his wife’s grave every day, Jake decided to honor Joseph and start watering his plot, too. He says it is the least he can do after all that Joseph sacrificed for our country.

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Now, there are two grave sites where the grass is just a little bit greener.

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