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Officer Looked At The Boy And Then Slapped His Knee. What He Did Next Left Me Saluting This Hero. Wow!

Officer Looked At The Boy And Then Slapped His Knee. What He Did Next Left Me Saluting This Hero. Wow!

It’s understandable that our cops haven’t been in the limelight for many good reasons of late, but you still have to agree that a great majority of the members of our reliable police force are nice. They’re the good guys, and we have the evidence.

Just watching this cool clip will tell you something good about the good cops. Here’re some cops having abite at a Whataburger joint, and then you have a little kid coming over to have a nice chat with them. This is happening In Houston.

Jill Becker Bays happens to be around, so she takes out her camera and records a really great scene that’s going to make you love this particular cop. Apparently, the kid’s shoe laces have gone lose, and the officer has noticed that, so he does what some people wouldn’t do. He slaps his knee!

What happens next is something that you can describe as both selfless and touching. You wouldn’t get this from many people.

Check this out and see what the cop did to the young boy. It’s just inspiring. Don’t forget to SHARE on Facebook!

During a visit to a local Texas Whataburger, Jill Becker Bays snapped this photo of a police officer tying a child’s shoe. It quickly went viral.

11863334_10207357858449112_2269953889687062772_n-600x450Facebook/Jill Becker Bays

She explained what prompted her to share the photo on her Facebook page along with an explanation of the chain of events.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-01-at-5.44.43-PMFacebook/Jill Becker Bays

Of course the Houston Police Department was happy to see one of its officers doing this small act of kindness.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-01-at-5.48.05-PMFacebook/Houston Police

And so were many citizens!

Screen-Shot-2015-09-01-at-5.49.52-PMFacebook/Houston Police

It’s always pleasant to see police officers interacting with community members in a positive way. This photo is a perfect example.

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