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Not All Animals Should Be Taken Outside, Sometimes You Need To Kill Them

Not All Animals Should Be Taken Outside, Sometimes You Need To Kill Them

It’s cruel to say…but some animals should die before they get to your family!

#1 False Widow Spider

Don’t believe some animals should be killed for your safety? Well this precious little girl Ella was bitten by a FALSE WIDOW SPIDER, and couldn’t walk after the bite. While she was playing at her dad’s place, this venomous spider sank its teeth into her flesh and left her with a eight-inch blister on her leg.

#2 Eight Inch Blister

The venemous spider attacked Ella while she was happily playing at her fathers house. After her mother witnessed the eight-inch blister swelling on her leg, she rushed her to the nearby hospital.

#3 Triple The Size

The little girl was given antibiotics and told to rest at home, but the next day the bite size tripled, looking as if her leg were being EATEN away!

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#4 Meningitis?

Her mother Bobbie-Louise of course drove her back to the hospital, worried that it could be meningitis. She said, “We waited for a skin specialist, who said it was a false widow spider bite. She couldn’t walk and had to be carried everywhere. It was horrible to see my daughter in that way. It was the worst time of my life. I thought something was eating her from the inside. It just kept getting bigger. She wouldn’t let me touch it. So she must have been in a lot of pain. I would hate to see anyone go through what she went through.”

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It took a month before the wound began to get better, and three months to heal entirely. Ella is now extremely afraid of spiders..and can you blame her? The spider is Britain’s most venomous.


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