No One At This School Will Ever Forget This 4 Foot Senior’s Moment. It Gave Me Chills.

You might not expect it, but children en masse can actually be kind and generous. This story is an excellent example of high school students being sweet, instead of judgmental. A student by the name of Seth Kraft is a four-foot-tall senior. For the past four years, he was the manager for the basketball team. But recently, he was given an opportunity that could change his outlook on life forever.

Seth was given a chance to play a game with the other seniors on his 18th birthday.

As the manager, he doesn’t just provide support for the team members. He knows the game so well, he is basically a student coach.

So when coach Pat Hansen gave Seth a chance, he knew it would mean the world to him.

The coach just didn’t expect him to do SO well.

No one did. The crowd was going crazy for Seth on Senior Night.

He stole away the ball from the opposing team…

Then triumphantly sank a basket.

Here’s the video:

The entire student body was thrilled to see Seth do so well. I think I can speak for the rest of the Internet when I say that I’m personally moved by Seth’s motivation and his classmate’s supportive attitudes. Don’t judge others just based on appearances. 4 foot-tall Seth proved that with his amazing performance. People will always possess the ability to surprise you. Source: Billings Gazette Share Seth’s triumphant story by clicking below.

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