No Office Will Ever Be The Same After This Guy’s ‘Simple’ Creation. OMG.

Spending hours every week with your coworkers can either be fun… or it can be torture. Either way, you might need to arm yourself for some office space warfare. To do so, you don’t need any fancy jargon or Bluetooth headsets. A YouTube genius that goes by DaveHax has done something brilliant. Instead, all you need is some simple office supplies. In just a few steps, you can turn a pile of pencils and rubber bands into something unbelievable: a crossbow. It might not happen on your first try, but you’ll have the coolest cubicle around if you can accomplish this. Just watch:

This is creative problem solving at its finest. If this doesn’t get you a raise (or at least make you Employee of the Month), then you know just what to do… use the crossbow. Share this guy’s awesome creation by clicking on the button below. To see more of his simple hacks, visit his YouTube channel.

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