New Black Panther thugs back at the polls in Philly; Video added


In Philadelphia, where GOP poll inspectors have reportedly been tossed out of polling locations in up to two dozen wards, reports are coming in of a New Black Panther presence in the 14th ward.

Breaking: Black Panthers at the SAME Philly location as 2008 trying to intimidate voters!!!

— Ali A. Akbar (@ali) November 6, 2012

Oh boy. Black Panthers show up at Philly polling place that caused a stir in 2008. twitpic.com/batd1g

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) November 6, 2012

Color us shocked. The Obama administration’s DOJ fails to take real voter intimidation seriously and it continues.

Black Panther Jerry Jackson is back at a Philly pollimg location. twitter.com/electionjourna…

— Election Journal (@electionjournal) November 6, 2012


Video on “Fox and Friends” this morning confirms that the NBPP thugs are back at the polls in Philly. You know, just “monitoring” things.

Black panthers are back in Philly, per @foxandfriends video. Don’t be intimidated! #VOTE2012

— Gabby (@GabbyTalk) November 6, 2012

FoxNews just showed video of the New Black Panthers “guarding” a polling place in Philly! Nothing is going to change if Obama is re-elected!

— SelfRelianceWorkshop (@SelfRelianceWS) November 6, 2012

FNC closely watching NBPP fool in guard stance @ Philly Poll station. Someone best ask for his poll watcher credentials

— Samantha(@justpipertoo) November 6, 2012

New Black Panthers are standing guard at Pennsylvania polling station again: youtu.be/-7rkSmdDIIU #WatchTheVote

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) November 6, 2012

Update: Reports that the New Black Panthers are also in Ohio are coming in. Further reports indicate that former Navy SEALs are on their way to Philadelphia, Pa. and Ohio in order to guard against this voter intimidation.

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