Nature Study Reveals That The Majestic Jaguar Is A Big Silly Kitty. Awww.

If you have a cat, or know anything about cats (you’re on the Internet–of course you know about cats), you know that they like to think of themselves as the sleek, fluid embodiments of grace and much of the time they live up to that idea. But the rest of the time they’re rolling around on the ground and flailing their feet and generally acting like goofballs. It all stops, though, if they know you’re watching. Image is everything. 

Turns out big cats are no different than their domesticated cousins. 

The Mamirauá Institute in Brazil set up some camera traps in one of its nature preserves to capture some animal activity for research purposes. The animals would set off a device, and a camera would snap their picture. One night, a jaguar happened by and discovered he quite enjoyed photo shoots, and spent a good while playing with the device like a spotted, overgrown kitty. Check out the video above for the full experience. 

We’ve also included some highlights:


“Hm, what do we have here?”

“Well, hello there handsome.”

“Who’s the most handsomest, rolliest, spottiest kitty in the jungle?”

“Gee, I hope no one saw that.”

The jaguar was so pleased with all this that he returned the next day for more (at least, it’s believed to be the same jaguar). Perhaps he felt the night vision wasn’t doing his spots justice.

(Via Instituto Mamirauá)

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