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Native American Man Shuts Down A Racist Woman Insulting A Cashier. Nailed It!

“I’m a Native or as people in North America call us Indians. I was at 7-11 down the block and knew the Immigrant lady who worked there. She was a nice lady and being ESL her grasp of English was very well for not being her original language. Well one day I was walking in behind a white lady and all I heard was ‘omg another immigrant’. She had this snotty ass look on her face when she said it but it was none of my business if she was racist towards immigrants. I’m a Canadian and we are a very multicultural society as it is already and am still surprised when people are racist here. Anyways she proceeded to be a bitch to the woman at the counter and when she started talking about immigrants I couldn’t hold my tongue anymore. She says “When you come to my country you should have to learn our language before you work here”. I was behind her and said “I agree with you 100% lady. So when are you going to learn Cree? You know since you are descended from immigrants and this isn’t your natural land and many Native languages were spoken here before a word of English was spoken here.” She put her stuff down and walked out. I got a free slurpee that day.

I should point out that the white lady wasn’t some upscale type but a more grease stains on my sweats and holes In her shirt with the bra showing type.”

Source: Imgur

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