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Mom Decides To Start A Campaign So As To Halt What Killed Her Son. A Must Watch!


Connor Reid Eckhardt aged 19 years killed himself when he took a drug (legal one) that was purchased at the store by his buddies. He first went into coma and thereafter placed on machines for 4 days to help him breath, but his brain died, as the docs said.

Had he been aware of the synthetic marijuana that he took, he would not have died. This is why his mum has a campaign so that no other kid can die of drugs although hers was not the first, but could be the last. This is the reason why she is fighting to stop the legal sale of drugs that claimed her son’s life.

Disturbed by the death of her child, she founded a Connor Project Foundation, which has the mission of educating, creating awareness and preventing. Even the name of the website given by the family,, suits well.

Scroll and read the whole story to know more about this organization and what it has done so far. Do you think that this drug selling will ever come to an end as Connor’s mother hopes? Comment in the section below to let us know. Please share this story to all the parents and tens out there, maybe it will help save the lives of many!



Connor’s Mom cries out, “I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND AGAIN CONNOR!!! WHEN YOU WERE BORN YOUR LITTLE FINGERS WRAPPED AROUND MINE AS WE FIRST MET. A newborn baby. So innocent and sweet. WE WAITED YEARS FOR YOU, a gift from God. IT SEEMED LIKE WE BLINKED AND WE HAD TO GIVE YOU BACK. Here we could not get your FINGERS TO WRAP AROUND OURS ANY LONGER BECAUSE YOUR BRAIN NO LONGER FUNCTIONED. A “hit of spice” took your life. No other drugs or alcohol were in your body. We cherish those handprints, even if your hands were stiff. HOLD YOUR CHILDREN’S HANDS. Memorize them. Please educate yourself and your children on the dangers of synthetic drugs. These drugs do not discriminate. The Connor Project Foundation is about Education, Awareness, and Prevention. Please share Connor’s story. It may just save a life!”




The problem is that the “drug” that Connor used is sold legally in stores, to anyone of of any age, and its effects are far worse that actual marijuana. Spice is just one of the 600 names that this substance goes by, some call it Scooby Snacks, Marley, K2, and Cloud 9. This synthetic marijuana only deserves one name — Poison.




The family’s efforts to expose Spice landed them a spot on the Today Show, that’s when Connor’s father said, “You would think it would be safe, would be OK, it’s an alternative to marijuana and it’s anything but that. It’s a deadly poison.”




Connor probably had no idea how dangerous the substance was before he took that fatal hit. Hospital emergency rooms are seeing more and more visits from people becoming harmed by Spice.




When Spice takes its effect on the brain, it’s usually not in the way that users anticipated. Its side effects can be downright horrific, “It can cause anxiety, convulsions, hallucinations, agitation, combativeness, and stupor.” And the list doesn’t end there, Spice can cause seizures, psychotic episodes, long-term psychosis, paralysis, kidney failure, increased heart rate and heart attacks, brain swelling, and death.

Spice is manufactured in sketchy Chinese, Eastern European and American labs where the makers don’t care about its quality or how harmful it is. It is often mixed with other chemicals, and users have no idea of knowing what they are smoking.

Connor’s mom is doing whatever she can to put an end to the poison that took her sweet boy’s life, and it’s working.



You can help Connor’s mom spread the word by educating your family and friends, and by sharing their story.


Rest in Peace sweet Connor, your life may have been taken away, but many more will live because of you.







She has been through ever horror you can think of and how God saved her is amazing!




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