Kind Stranger Surprises Little Girl Suffering From Cerebral Palsy With A Horse.

Alexus ‘Lex’ Lasiter’s love for horses and pictures of horses was the reason she and her family would experience the greatest example of human generosity.

7-year-old Lex suffers from cerebral palsy, has heart and kidney problems and has a seizure disorder, which means she has to spend a lot of time in the hospital. A month ago, Lex was constantly in-and-out of the hospital. The little girl was feeling very down. To cheer Lex up, her mother, Wathena Sievert, decided to combine two of Lex’s favorite things into one: horses and receiving mail.

The family set up a Facebook group to see if people were willing to draw pictures of horses for Lex and mail them to her. Turns out a lot of people were, as over the next few days countless drawings, sketches and paintings of horses flooded their mailbox. But what was about to happen next was the biggest surprise of all…

The family was contacted by a Florida woman named Becky Anne Ross, who owns a rescue horse named Snickerdoodle who has experience working with kids who suffer from cerebral palsy. She was contacting them to offer to give the gentle horse to Lex. The family accepted graciously and decided to surprise Lex by letting her first ride the horse before telling her the big news.

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(Source: ABC Action News)

That was really sweet to watch, a huge well done to everyone involved in bringing some much needed joy to Lex’s life.

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