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Is Your Second Toe Taller Than Other Toes? Find What It Says About Your Personality

Is Your Second Toe Taller Than Other Toes? Find What It Says About Your Personality

What do the size of your toes have to do with your personality? Find out here.

#1 Big Toe

Jane Sheehan, celebrity foot reader and reflexologist, explains there is a deep relationship between your feet and different aspects of the human body. For example, people who have big toes longer than their others, are known to be smart, intellectual, and creative. If your big toe is smaller, you’re a multi-tasker and influencer.


#2 Second Toe

People who have second toes longer than the rest, tend to have leadership qualities, but also, sometimes a little too bossy. Smaller second toes personify order and harmony in life.


#3 Middle Toe

If the middle toe is longer than others, you tend to be innovative and resourceful, especially at work. You strive for success with will power and energy. People with shorter toes, tend to enjoy living life to the fullest.


#4 Fourth Toe

If the fourth toe stands straight and tall, you keep your family as a top priority. If this toe curls, you may be experiencing an unhappy relationship with your loved ones.


#5 Little Toe

People with a small little toe tend to act more childish than others. They love having fun, joking around, and are extremely witty. If the toe can twitch independently of the fourth toe, you are generally more adventurous and impulsive.


#6 Gradual Increase In Toe Size

If there is a neat and gradual increase in toe size on your feet, you are practical and organized. You tend to be a good employee and loving friend.


#7 Wide Vs. Narrow Feet

People with wide feet keep themselves busy and love working. People who have narrow feet tend to be less work oriented, and love to be surrounded by beauty. This doesn’t mean they’re bad workers, yet, are more willing to delegates tasks to others.


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