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If You See This On Your Parked Car, Run… This is Deadly Bad Luck

#1 $100 Scam

A woman in St. Louis posted on FaceBook about this scam. If you see $100 bill on your windshield, don’t get out of your car to get it.


#2 Victim

This woman spoke to the news about almost falling victim to the scam.


#3 How It Works

Someone puts a fake $100 bill under your windshield wiper. You get in your car, start it up and then as you drive off, you notice it flapping in the breeze. When you stop the car, most likely, you will leave the car running and door open, to retrieve the money. That’s when the person who put it there, sneaks into your car and drives off.225cfdb3225b9757b5b30d1219e975fa.600x

#4 Came Close

Lucky for Kyri Vieham, she didn’t notice the money until she was already driving down the road. If she had noticed in the parking lot, the assailants may have driven of with her car, with her baby in the backseat.


#5 Written On The Bills

To add insult to injury, the bills say ‘You thought this was real, didn’t you?’


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